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Lazada Saw 1.3 Billion Visits During 11.11 and 12.12 Sales

Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce firm Lazada continues its record-breaking streak, drawing a whopping 1.3 billion visits to its platforms during its 11.11 and 12.12 shopping festivals.

The buying frenzy, which started from the Lazada 11.11 (November 11) one-day sale, continued into December.

After crushing the region’s 11.11 online sales records, all six countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, outperformed expectations.

During 12.12, the countries rung up sales tallies that were more than 30x more than their normal-day Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

For the first time ever, Lazada’s last-mile delivery fleet across Southeast Asia was able to deliver more than 1 million parcels in a day.

To deal with the biggest-ever spike in demand this year, Lazada’s 100+ logistics partners, including third-party shipment providers, boosted their delivery services to get purchases in customers’ hands quickly.

Lazada also chartered three planes to deliver more than 200 tonnes of parcels to shoppers in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand in time for the holiday season.

Nine in 10 shoppers placed their orders on their Lazada App, up from seven in 10 last year (2017). This shows the combination of meteoric smartphone adoption among Southeast Asia’s fast-growing middle-class consumers.

Pierre Poignant, Lazada Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said,

“We have come a long way from time we started Online Revolution in 2012 which grew to be a successful month-long campaign and built up a massive following in Southeast Asia.

“The experience over the last few years allowed us to achieve phenomenal results this year. Our 11.11 one-day sale eclipsed previous records set in one month.

“We thank our customers, sellers, brands, logistics providers, and business partners for their continued support in making this another great year. This is just the beginning.

“Going into 2019, we will build on this momentum and grow the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia which will benefit everyone.”

During the Lazada 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale, shoppers took advantage of more than 55 million deals and exclusive discounts spread cross three themed days; Bestsellers of 2018 (10 December 2018), Holiday Shopping Finale (11 December 2018) and Lazada’s Top Picks (12 December 2018). In enhancing the Lazada shopping experience, shoppers were also treated to specially-curated daily shopping themes.

The most popular brands that made it to the Lazada Top Brand Leaderboard include Maybelline, Samsung, Pampers, MamyPoko, and Converse.

Also generating a lot of buzz among female shoppers are the Fashion, Health and Beauty categories, which grew by more than three times year-on-year.

Jing Yin, Co-President, Commercial, Lazada Group, said,

“Powered by data and insights, we have built an enormous and vibrant platform which can deliver delight to our consumers, sellers and brands during this year-end shopping season.

“We explored new ways in changing the shopping experience for both shoppers and sellers, introducing fun games and having mega one-day sales which shoppers are liking a lot.

“We are heartened by the success of this year’s shopping season and are inspired to work harder to build our platform and deliver more value in 2019.”

This year, Lazada strengthened its relationship with sellers while building a great longer-term shopping experience for consumers through entertainment, fun and interaction across Southeast Asia. Key highlights in 2018 include:

Introduced new seller friendly measures

The new measures that took effect since 1 February 2018 are Seller Rewards which incentivises sellers and simplifying the seller sign-up process to sell efficiently and effectively.


Launched Super Brand Day

In July, Lazada launched the first Super Brand Day, teaming up with global makeup brand M·A·C. Shoppers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines were treated to M·A·C. X Lazada limited-edition products, complimentary lipsticks, premium packaging and themed gifts.

The 24-hour shopping event won tens of thousands of new followers for M·A·C across four countries. Within minutes, all the exclusive sets were sold out.

Following the inaugural Super Brand Day, seven other brands, including Samsung, Shiseido, Unilever and Loreal, went on to throw successful campaigns.


Launched LazMall during the 9.9 Extravaganza

Lazada officially launched LazMall and kicked-off 2018’s biggest shopping season with the Lazada 9.9 Extravaganza. LazMall boasts over 1,000 brands and thousands of product listings, making it Southeast Asia’s biggest mall that provides shoppers across the region with reliable services and product quality assurance. By midnight on 9 September 2018, Lazada clocked a whopping 10 million shoppers.


Pledged to cultivate some 8 million successful SMEs and entrepreneurs by 2030

As part of the pledge, Lazada will assist SMEs to digitise their businesses and gain better access to Internet-savvy and mobile consumers; make it easier for sellers to create their own brands on Lazada; while leveraging the company’s logistics network to facilitate the transfer of goods.


Kicked-off the Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival and 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale

Lazada took the opportunity to redefine the shopping experience through entertainment, fun and interaction, introducing new in-app games like Wonderland, Slash It and Shake It for shoppers to have fun while browsing, collecting vouchers and buying.

Many countries also introduced new features such as in-app livestreaming to allow sellers to better engage with shoppers and scan-find-buy service so shoppers can just scan an image, find and buy them on Lazada.

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