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Nightstream is a New Game You Must Check Out

Media Prima Labs and Streamline Games has collaborated to launch Nightstream, a game that features multiple playable characters, each with their own personalities, motivations, and musical themes.

Players are able to unlock new character skins and boards, allowing them to customise their characters in the game.

Nightstream is a new take on the endless runner genre. With an original comic book style sci-fi story, Nightstream consists of a team of runners – resistance forces who are determined to fight against the evil forces of the Metronite Corporation, who wants to seize control of the Nightstream, a mysterious data stream for themselves.

Joining the fight against Nightstream is Zara, a young Hijabista woman. She is a part-time barista, full-time runner who seeks justice against Metronite after an industrial accident took her younger brother’s life.

Zara may seem headstrong and serious at first, but fellow runners occasionally catch a glimpse of her softer, less serious side.

More characters will be released in subsequent months, so players will have to stay tuned for the latest updates.

Nightstream was released on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on the 15th of September. To date, the game has reached 6,000 downloads.

Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Digital, Rafiqc Razali said,

“We’re psyched about this partnership with Streamline Games as they are an AAA developer with an amazing track record in developing video games.

“With Streamline Games focusing on the game development front, we can utilise our strength as the largest integrated media company in Malaysia to promote Nightstream to the mass market and replicate the success of our other titles, such as Ejen Ali and Mak Cun’s Adventure.”

Meannwhile,  Izzal Imaani, Associate Producer of Nightstream, said,

“Nightstream is a next-gen runner. It’s something adrenaline junkies will love. I feel excited to see what Malaysia will think of the game.

“We put a lot of love and care into the mechanics of the game, which I hope players will truly enjoy.

“It wasn’t easy nailing down some of the mechanics, especially the responsiveness of the controls and the powerup mechanics, but our internal gamer wouldn’t allow for anything other than perfection.”

Nightstream includes:

  • An original, sci-fi story with a gorgeous comic book presentation.
  • An electronic soundtrack that compliments the fast-paced gameplay and challenge.
  • A dual-hand control scheme that allows for quick tricks and responsive movement.
  • An endless mode challenges you to see how far in the Nightstream you can get.
  • Online leaderboards and a plaque system encourage you to beat you and your friends’ high scores.
  • Multiple playable characters, each with unique personalities and motivations, including Malaysia’s own runner, Zara.
  • Additional characters, costumes, and boards can be unlocked and earned in-game.

Nightstream is now available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more updates, please follow Nightstream on Facebook, or on Nightstream’s website.

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