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Nokia 8.1 Gives Users “Real-Life” Experience with PureDisplay Screen Technology and More

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces the Nokia 8.1, the newest addition to its value flagship range.

As with other Nokia smartphones in the same category, including the award-winning Nokia 7 Plus, the Nokia 8.1 punches above its weight with extraordinary imaging achieved by its highly sensitive, industry-leading camera sensor, ZEISS Optics and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

The Nokia 8.1 will be on shelves at all authorised Nokia retailers in Malaysia starting 18 January at a recommended retail price of RM1,699.

Imaging excellence with flagship calibre imaging technology

The Nokia 8.1’s great low light imaging performance comes from a perfect blend of software and hardware.

Its 12MP main camera with ZEISS Optics has an industry-leading 1/2.55” super sensitive sensor with large 1.4 micron pixels for precise light capture, delivering exceptionally detailed images.

With its combination of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology and superfast autofocus, the Nokia 8.1 doesn’t let shaky hands stop you from capturing crisp images and videos.

A wide aperture ensures you can capture sharp pictures even in low light conditions, allowing longer exposure times that can be manually controlled with the Pro Camera mode.

The 20MP adaptive front camera lets you capture the ultimate night-time selfie, as it enhances how much light it is able to capture by combining four pixels into one super pixel.

Unleash your creativity with the Pro Camera UI for the ultimate control over your photos, or take your #Bothie game to the next level with AI-powered 3D personas, masks and fun filters in your photos and videos, all of which you can livestream directly without leaving your camera app.


Accelerated performance and PureDisplay

With smartphones rapidly becoming the default device for watching videos, you need a display tailored to the content you’re enjoying in the environment you’re in.

The Nokia 8.1 is the second Nokia smartphone to come with PureDisplay screen technology for an enhanced viewing experience.

Visuals are taken to another level with HDR 10 delivering higher contrast, great clarity, and over a billion individual colours to ensure images remain accurate whether you’re in a dark room or bright sunlight.

To watch all that vivid content on the go, you need exceptional battery life. The Nokia 8.1 lets you effortlessly enjoy up to two days with one charge.

Long-lasting power combined with the Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform means the Nokia 8.1 can get through any task without breaking a sweat, with 35% faster graphics and 20% higher performance than the previous generation, the Snapdragon 660.

It also has twice the AI power, thanks to a multi-core AI Engine which combines a brand-new architecture for efficient performance.

Qualcomm® aptX™ audio support also means music lovers can enjoy high quality sound wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Take the smartphone to a whole new dimension by combining the physical world and digital content with AR core support.

Through apps like Human Anatomy, Magic Plan, and Jenga AR, you can visualise and learn about the nervous system in 3D, create a floor plan for your next remodel just by walking around the house, and stack blocks on your dining room table with no need to tidy up after your tower collapses.


Design that is made to the highest standards

Heralding a new era of precision craftsmanship and obsession with detail, the Nokia 8.1 has been designed with less than a hair’s width between materials, achieving the build quality and structural integrity expected from a Nokia smartphone, as well as making a true statement of clean, elegant European design.

At its core is the strength of an extruded 6000-series aluminium frame with a diecast centre for efficient use of materials.

Exploiting the elegant contrast between the curved glass, polished metal and the sand-blasted finish, the Nokia 8.1’s unique two-tone design is augmented with a dual anodising process, building on the finish that fans loved on the Nokia 7 Plus.

Diamond cut edges deliver a bold statement with the durability to withstand the knocks of everyday life.

The Nokia 8.1’s stunning 6.18” Full HD+ edge-to-edge display is housed within a beautifully refined and neat footprint, so you can enjoy your favourite movies and apps on a big screen comfortably on the go, giving you even more screen than the award-winning Nokia 7 Plus which was a 6” display.


Pure, secure and up-to-date Android 9 Pie, reinforced with Android One™

The Nokia 8.1 is the first Nokia smartphone to launch with Android 9 Pie out of the box.

It joins the comprehensive line-up of Nokia smartphones in the Android One family, which means it delivers the best version of Android innovations and software experiences.

Nokia smartphones with Android One Offer great storage and battery life right out of the box and come with three years of monthly security patches and two major OS updates.

The Nokia 8.1 comes with Android 9 Pie, which includes AI-powered features that make your device smarter and faster while also adapting to your behaviour as you use it, so your smartphone gets better with time.

The Adaptive Battery feature limits battery usage from apps you don’t use often, and App Actions predicts what you’re about to do so you can get to your next action quickly.

These features further streamline your device’s functionality and your overall Android experience.

The Nokia 8.1 also combines the capabilities of Google Assistant with Dual-Sight, so you can ask it to take #Bothie pictures and videos, and even command it to livestream to YouTube for a convenient and seamless experience.

The Nokia 8.1 will receive three years of monthly security patches and two major OS updates, as guaranteed in the Android One programme.

In addition, Google Play™ protect scans over 50 billion apps per day to keep your phone safe from malware, making the Nokia 8.1 among the most secure phones on the market.

This smartphone is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended programme which means it is recommended by Google as best choice for professionals.



The Nokia 8.1 is available in Blue/Silver, starting from 18 January and will retail at a recommended price of RM1,699.

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