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OPPO Reno’s Rising Camera the New Gen of Smartphone Selfie Cameras

OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, is set to reveal yet another exciting series to the Malaysian market – the OPPO Reno.

Being the whole new series from OPPO, Reno is designed for the creative edge and technology, dedicated to excite designers and creators, pushing their passion for creativity even further.

OPPO’s latest Reno product boasts a brand-new concept, design philosophy, and communication model.

It is tailor-made for those who seek to be different and are not afraid to express themselves through creative impressions, whether it is music, dance, literature or a canvas. Setting itself apart from the rest with its innovative design and stylish appearance, the OPPO Reno is truly created to inspire you.

Pivot Rising Structure – An innovative hidden camera combined with a sleek design

The OPPO Reno utilises OPPO’s design language based on the concept of creative concealment, providing users with a brand-new and seamless form.

Boasting a panoramic screen with a 6.4-inch OLED display, the OPPO Reno comes equipped with sixth-generation Corning® Gorilla glass, further enhancing display durability.

The chin of the Reno series measures a mere 3.5mm, resulting in an impressive screen ratio of up to 93.1%.

To give the series a seamless feel with zero protrusions, OPPO has placed the rear camera completely under the glass panel chassis, with curved 3D glass panels providing a comfortable grip.

The OPPO Reno lineup innovatively conceals the front-facing camera, soft light and back flash within a Pivot-Rising Structure that rises on demand.

The structure only requires 0.8 seconds to fully rise or lower, moving both smoothly and silently.

The OPPO Reno also comes equipped with a light-sensitive, under-the-screen fingerprint sensor. The sensor’s all-new lighting system and algorithm improve the fingerprint-unlocking success rate by 20-30%.


Available in two mesmerising colour variants, namely Ocean Green and Jet Black, the OPPO Reno also features a matted texture beneath the black-glass panel, giving the Reno a truly stylish aesthetic.


Brilliant photography, artistic vision

The OPPO Reno features a 48MP+5MP camera, ultra-night mode 2.0, colour mapping, 4K Video and improvised artistic portrait mode.

OPPO’s portrait style brings together a series of optimisation about portraits, colours, light effects, etc. which can help users easily shoot magazine-level portraits.

Together, these features allow you to take brilliant portraits, even in low-light with an added artistic flair, never allowing your creativity to take a pause.


Advanced systems to deliver a uniquely powerful performance

Powered by Snapdragon 710 processor and a 3,765mAh battery, the OPPO Reno features a proprietary system-level optimisation solution, Hyper Boost 2.0, developed independently by OPPO.

Hyper Boost 2.0 includes three separate modules, Game Boost, System Boost, and App Boost, which provides significant improvements to gaming performance, system speed, and app opening speed, respectively.

The OPPO Reno run on the new ColorOS 6, which is perfectly designed for use on borderless displays and provides a more immersive and balanced user experience via customised UI layout, colours, fonts, and other key features.

The OPPO Reno also comes equipped with the VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology, which allows low-voltage fast charging while gaming or streaming video, without emitting excess heat.

Reno gives free rein to users’ imagination, giving them the power to break creative barriers. No-one defines this new series, but rather everyone will have their own unique Reno experience.


Priced at RM 1,999, customers may place their pre-order of OPPO Reno starting from 17th May to 27th May 2019 at OPPO Concept Store, OPPO Official dealer stores or online at OPPO Official Website, e-commerce partners’ store at Lazada or Shopee.

Pre-order customers may collect their phone from 28 th May onwards and will be receiving additional gifts worth up to RM437.

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