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Pick a Name for the New Proton SUV and Win Great Prizes!

A new SUV will be joining the PROTON family soon as the local automobile company has announced that they will be launching a brand new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) later this year!

This means that we all get to more choices of vehicles to choose from when we plan to purchase cars next time.

Apart from the good news of releasing a brand new SUV, PROTON is also giving everyone a chance to win great prizes.

All you need to do is to vote on the poll for the name of the SUV. There are a total of 4 names for everyone to choose from; Proton X7, Proton PX7, Proton X70, and Proton X700. 

Image via Paul Tan

PROTON’s vice-president of sales and marketing, Abdul Rashid Musa said:

“We would like to share this significant milestone for PROTON with our fellow Malaysians as the new SUV also represents a symbol of Malaysian achievement.

“Therefore, we will reward the public for participating as well as select five lucky poll respondents as winners to receive some exciting prizes.”

If you are not a fan of these 4 names, you can suggest other alternatives too!

Just make sure your suggestions are creative and are able to capture attention, then you could win up to RM100,000 worth of prizes!

These prizes will be given out to five lucky winners based on the best reasons given for the name they have voted. 

Image via SAYS

The prize package includes a “money can’t buy” experience consisting of VIP invites to the car’s launch. The winners will also be the first people to drive the SUV at PROTON’s test track in Shah Alam.

Should an alternative name be picked, one lucky winner will be rewarded with a 4D4N tour package to Hangzhou and Shanghai, inclusive of a visit to the Geely headquarters.


This voting poll is open to all Malaysians and runs from today until midnight on April 30th, 2018. Winners will be announced when it is close to the launch date of the SUV! Good luck to all who took part in the poll! 

Just click into this website to cast your vote! 

The vehicle is the first automobile after the acquisition of a 49.9% stake by Chinese automobile conglomerate Geely last June. It is be modelled after one of Geely’s best selling cars, the Geely Boyue.

Image via Autoworld

The original form of the Boyue first made its appearance in June 2017 during the agreement signing ceremony which the Chinese company takes up a significant stake in PROTON and its Lotus subsidiary.

Are you all looking forward to this brand new PROTON SUV?

But before the launch of the car, if you want to win a tour to Hangzhou and Shanghai, just take part in the naming the SUV contest and you might be one of the winner! 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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