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Samsung’s New A30 and A50 Models Created Specifically for Younger Generations

In bringing technology usage to its fullest for the millennials and the Z generation, Samsung has recently introduced the newest addition to the Galaxy A smartphone series, the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30.

An epic star-studded ‘Era of Live’ party was held to mark the official launch of the two newest smartphones in the range. 

The unveiling of the Galaxy A50 and A30 happened in style, substance and spontaneity, and was also graced by a special performance from Britain’s Got Talent 2015 winner, Calum Scott. 

Set to be a game changer in the mid-range category, both the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 is packed in design, features and pricing to bring innovation that matters to today’s connected consumers, especially the younger generation.

The sleek and stylish Galaxy A series offers a wide range of flagship features at a mid-range price point. 

While the Galaxy A30 comes with a dual rear camera, the Galaxy A50 takes it up a notch with the On-screen Fingerprint Sensor and a triple camera setup equipped with a 5MP depth sensor. 

Both models have cameras that consist of a 123-degree ultra-wide lens that captures life-size videos the way the eyes would see them. 

It is also built in with the scene optimiser feature that automatically recognises and enhances photos using Artificial Intelligence to produce the best shots. 

Besides the amazing photography features, the new Galaxy A50 and A30 also boast the convenience of having long-lasting battery life with a stellar 4,000mAh capacity and fast-charging support. You would not have to worry about being low on battery anymore with these new smartphones. 

For a captivating screen display, both models are equipped with Samsung’s advanced Super AMOLED (6.4″) FHD+ Infinity-U Display.

This makes the visuals stand out with an incredible degree of colour clarity and a nearly bezel-less, edge-to-edge display for more immersive and uninterrupted viewing experience. 

Users can also enjoy expressing themselves with the AR emoji features, where you can create your own emoji and send it to your friends to show how you feel. Other features also include AR stickers, filters, and stamps for more fun photos! 

President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Yoonsoo Kim, said,

“We bring Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 into Malaysia to help young consumers cut through the cluttered market and easily own the most essential features in response to their connected lives.

“We have taken into consideration how their lifestyle and mobile usage behaviour have progressed, going further than merely pretty selfies, enhanced gaming or on-demand video.”

Yoonson Kim also mentioned, 

“The prudent revamp of the Galaxy A series builds on Samsung’s decade of leadership in delivering reliable technology that works for people.

“These devices are made for young digital natives to capture, share and enjoy live moments or content in a quick, constant and spontaneous manner without compromising on quality.

“It is the perfect range for digitally and socially active users, who are always on and ready to impress.”

The Galaxy A50 and A30 are available for purchase now at all Samsung Experience stores and Samsung Malaysia Online Store with the recommended retail price of RM1,199 and RM799 respectively.

Both devices are also available in three colour variants – White, Black and Blue to suit your personal style. Visit the nearest Samsung store to get your hands on the new Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30!

To know more about the Galaxy A50 and A30, visit and Samsung Malaysia Newsroom.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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