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SOCAR Now Offers One-Way Trips and Monthly Contest to Go ANYWHERE

When SOCAR first launched in Malaysia, locals just fell in love with how easy it was to rent a car and at an hourly rate too!

However, many people found the fact that we must return our cars to where we picked it from as quite the hassle. Perhaps some people needed to get to the airport and fly off, making them unable to return the car.

Now, with the one-way trips being offered, SOCAR users no longer need to fret about going back to a certain point.

Here comes the cream of the crop. SOCAR is offering a special giveaway called the YOLO Pass which allows one winner each month to receive a spontaneous vacation in true YOLO spirit.

You could just have the chance to visit the massive ruins of Bayon in Siem Reap, kayak at El-Nido, trek waterfalls in Bali, hitch a helicopter ride to Perak or chill by the beach at Phi-Phi island.

Leon Foong, CEO SOCAR Malaysia, said,

“How often do we go on a journey that’s spontaneous, mysterious and filled with adventure?

“We often find excuses not to allow ourselves to live in the moment so the idea with the YOLO Pass is to let our members embark on an exciting journey of their own and to truly embrace the adventures that we crave.

“If SOCAR can become the catalyst to creating memorable memories for our members, we want to go ahead and encourage our members to free themselves from the monotony of their everyday routine.”

The winners are picked in a lucky draw manner. One person will receive either an e-mail, phone call or SMS on the first Friday of the month and the winner must respond within 24 hours to receive it, else the prize goes to another person.

There will be no social media announcement made.

Then, the winner has got to pack and we be given a trip to a mystery location which will only be revealed then and there.

To enter the contest, you just need to make at least one (1) booking before the end of the month! It’s that simple.

The SOCAR app can be found in the Apple Store and Google PlayStore.

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