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Sunway Pyramid’s New Parking System Doesn’t Use Tickets Anymore

Getting into parking lots can be quite the hassle. First, there’s the traffic jam we have to face, and then, just as we reach the gantry, we sometimes can’t seem to find our Touch n’ Go card, Sunway Pals card, One Card, etc.

Or maybe we just manoeuvred wrongly and ended up too far from the ticket dispensing machine. Alamak, so embarrassing to make the cars behind us wait right?

Then, when we want to exit, we need to queue up for god knows how long just to pay for the parking ticket and then exit the building.

Things get even more frustrating when sometimes, for absolutely no reason, the silly little piece of paper cannot be read!

Let’s not mention the times when we’ve also lost the horrid tickets. Sunway Pyramid’s new car park system will definitely eliminate all these issues.

According to Says, the famous mall located in Subang Jaya is in the midst of testing out a license plate recognition system.

This will help reduce traffic flowing in and out of the parking lot as well as eradicate any ticket related troubles.

Basically, all you have to do is drive up to the gantry where the system will recognise your license plate. The boom gate will be lifted “within” miliseconds” and the same for when exiting.

This system is still undergoing pilot tests with about 200 registered vehicles to track the system’s performance and usability.

Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks, HC Chan, said that the system will be released to the public in stages.

If you’re interested to sign up for registration, you can follow Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook page.

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