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Travel with a Virtual Doctor Wherever You Go with AirAsia Travel Protection

Tune Protect Berhad and Malaysia’s first on-demand online clinic, DoctorOnCall, announced their partnership to provide complimentary medical consultation for their policy holders.

AirAsia Tune Protect travel protection policy holders departing from Malaysia to any destination locally or internationally, will be able to access a wide range of medical assistance services from DoctorOnCall.

This exclusive deal is now available in celebration of the upcoming holiday season.

This strategic partnership will allow travellers to communicate with qualified medical doctors through web chat, video and phone call, and receive consultation to address their medical issues anytime between 8am and midnight daily.

DoctorOnCall, in turn, will provide a diagnosis for the medical condition, recommend the right treatment and issue an electronic prescription wherever necessary.

For the convenience of domestic travellers, medication can be optionally delivered to them.

As one of the leading travel insurers in the region, Tune Protect aims to enhance travel experiences by rewarding customers with relevant value-added services.

International outbound travel trips by Malaysian residents were estimated at 11.9 million trips in 2016 and are forecasted to grow by an average of 3.5% per year to reach 14.2 million trips by 2021.

Loh Ben Jern, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of Tune Protect, said,

“Travelling has become a part of our lives today. As a lifestyle enabler, we (at Tune Protect) want our customers to embark on worry free travel experiences.

“Through this partnership with DoctorOnCall, travellers will be able to connect with doctors and receive medical attention irrespective of whether they are in Bali, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh.

“This is one of the many ways we are enhancing travel protection for our customers.

“If you get sick on holiday, within minutes you would have access to professional diagnosis and an electronic prescription via DoctorOnCall to obtain the prescribed medicine at a pharmacy and get the medication fee reimbursed easily via an upload of the receipt on our website.”

With the constant growth of the Malaysian travel industry, there is a growing trend of travellers seeking medical advice.

On average, DoctorOnCall receives 6,000 medical consultation requests per month; of which 3-5% of queries come from domestic and international travellers.

Most people often face the challenge of finding quick medical assistance when they travel overseas, especially if they are in a new country or city.

Language is often another barrier to attaining an accurate diagnosis. This risk is mitigated as DoctorOnCall is available in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Common ailments faced by travellers include food poisoning, flu and fever, dehydration, sunburn, muscle aches and pains and jet lag issues among others.

Maran Virumandi, Co-founder and Managing Director of DoctorOnCall, said,

“Another common request from travellers on our platform is from patients who have forgotten their prescription medication for chronic or long-term conditions such as hypertension or diabetes, these patients really value the ease of DoctorOnCall.

“Partnering with Tune Protect, we are now able to connect travellers to our panel of qualified doctors who are registered under the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and holds a valid Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

“This enables them to seek medical consultation anywhere and at anytime by having a seamless travel protection plan.”

In line with Tune Protect’s vision to be a leading digital insurer, this move to partner with DoctorOnCall further solidifies The Group’s position in the insur tech space by being able to provide their customers with an increasing number of on-demand protection services and innovative products.

Medical consultation via the DoctorOnCall platform (priced at RM20) comes complimentary for all policy holders under AirAsia Tune Protect’s travel protection plan (annual and comprehensive) who are departing from Malaysia for international or domestic trips within the three-month campaign period (1st December 2018 to 28th February 2019).

Earlier in October 2018, Tune Protect announced its partnership with ROKKI, the in-flight entertainment solutions brand to provide complimentary Chats Plan for all AirAsia Tune Protect travel protection policy holders on board all ROKKI enabled  flights that allows communication via popular instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk and Viber.

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