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A family reunion is probably the most bittersweet occasion during Chinese New Year. As wonderful as it is to see all of our extended family members, it is also pretty daunting to have to answer all those fussy questions from the nosy uncles and aunties.

These kepoh elders tend to ask annoying stuff such as “No girlfriend or boyfriend yet ah?”, “When are you going to get married?”, “When are you going to have kids?”, “This year didn’t get promoted at work?”, “No bonus ah?”, etc.

Worst of all, they start comparing us to their neighbours, friends’ children, and even their own children! Even if we do live up to their ‘standards’, they will try to find fault in us anyways.

Well, this year, why not impress all the fussy relatives by showing up in an awesome Mini Cooper. Ha! That will confirm make uncles and aunties be impressed and ask lesser daunting questions instead.

Rather than pressing those condescending questions upon us, they will pour queries in awe instead.

“Wah, got a lot of bonus ah?”, “Recently got promoted at work ah?”, “So lucky until strike 4D is it?”, “How much did you buy it for?”, etc.

Well, that is a good question – where will you get a Mini Cooper and how can you even afford one without taking a massive loan?

The answer is SOCAR.

SOCAR is a tech start-up which was recently launched in Malaysia. After a successful venture in South Korea with over three million users, SOCAR decided to penetrate the Malaysian market as this country holds such great potential.

This company offers an on-demand car sharing system. Basically, it is a car rental app but way more futuristic and actually more worthwhile than the traditional car rental companies.

The app is not only what you use to make car bookings, it is also the car key itself!

Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and then register your account. You can make things simpler by easily logging in using your Facebook account.

Then, take a selfie with your IC (for Malaysians) or passport (for non-Malaysians), wait for SOCAR’s confirmation and you’ll soon be driving that Mini Cooper.

At only RM25 an hour, you can show off the luxury car to your relatives this CNY. If your ang bao is not enough to cover the cost of this car, or if you could but too cheapskate to do so, then you can opt for the Honda HR-V, Honda City or Perodua Axia instead.

Here are the rates:

Car Model Price* Per Hour (Weekday) Price* Per Hour (Weekend) Stress Free Pass
Mini Cooper RM25 RM30 N/A
Honda HR-V RM18.90 RM25 RM69
Honda City RM9.90 RM15.90 RM37
Perodua Axia RM8 RM11 RM28

*Prices are exclusive of GST

SCOAR Malaysia CEO Leon Foong

The Stress Free pass is a special promotion going on until February 28th, 2018 whereby users can rent these cars from 7pm to 8am, on Mondays to Thursdays at a flat rate!

So, you don’t have to stress out about the amount of money you’re paying at an hourly rate. Plus, for any time you rent the car, you’re entitled to a 30km of complimentary mileage per hour booked.

There are about 100 SOCAR Zones in the Klang Valley and a fleet of 240 cars currently. SOCAR plans to expand to the rest of Malaysia as well as increase the number of cars up to 1,000 units.

So, wait what oh? Drive a Mini Cooper to this year’s reunion dinner and show off to those nosy uncles and aunties.

Click here to download the app and start driving today. Follow SOCAR’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates or check out their website.

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