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As human beings, we have a general love tendency towards one particular pet animal and that is CATS. This can be proven through a plethora of social media pages and groups dedicated to the feline creature that fill up your Facebook and Insta timeline as well as those funny recommended cat videos on YouTube that will get you stuck to your mobile screen for hours just aww-ing. 

With such inexplicable obsession towards them, the blockchain universe has now found another brilliant way at intensifying our weakness for them furry babies by introducing CryptoKitties. Say WHAT?! 

Yes. CryptoKitties are essentially collectible digital tokens that can be purchased in the block chain universe using one form of cryptocurrency, Ethereum or its currency, ether. In other words, imagine the cryptocurrency universe  like a stock market where your bitcoins and ethers floating around in valuation and you simply don’t know what to do with them. But, worry not, because CryptoKitties are here to make your cryptocurrency transaction more exciting. Yayyy!! #CatsFansForLife


Image via Product Hunt

You may ask HOW?

Cashing in on the adjective trio of “Collectible. Breedable. Adorable.” the creators clearly intend to exploit our obsession FIRST with cats in general and SECOND, our rapidly growing obsession with the concept of virtual currency that is going viral globally. And THIRD, of course with our long-standing obsession of collecting things that we don’t even need in the first place. I mean, remember those Happy Meals toys?!

The cryptocurrency phenomenon is certainly picking up its pace here in Malaysia as its fundamental concept excites individuals who like the idea of transactions that are free from the dictations of governments and central banks. This phenomenon also grows alongside the expanding and vibrant fintech scene here in Malaysia. #Freedom


Image via Quartz


So, in order to collect all these adorable yet strange looking cartoon cats, you first need to have ether – a token currency of Ethereum which is just another version of a digital currency, just like Bitcoin. 

Depending on the amount of ether in your hand (or rather e-wallet) – which fluctuates rapidly, almost like a bubble due to the sudden craze on these virtual monies, you can buy one of these cats and also select their qualities; premium or ordinary based on the amount that you don’t mind investing in order to get your hand on one of those cute kitties. 

Once you got one in your hand, you can even breed your kitty by buying another collectible cat – again selecting the features to create a genetically unique cartoon cat offspring! A digital kitten FTW! 


Image via TechCrunch

What if your kitty bores you and you feel like having another breed in your ether e-wallet collection?  Also can lah! 

Cryptokitties allow you to buy, sell and trade your digital cats just like any conventional collector’s item, making you feel happy on the inside and apparently also helps to tailor your brain to be more organized (since collecting is a habit of those that are organized *winks*)

Image via Data Economy

Most importantly, since its a cryptocurrency product and is supported by an up-and-coming blockchain technology, this means your kitties will be solely and uniquely your own, safeguarding it from any hacking, stealing or fraud of any kind.

With the powerful server and unique coding system that is the blockchain technology, customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their kitties (which also means their cryptowealth) will never unfairly fall in the hands of someone else. WOW! 

So will you get in the scene and buy one of these digital cats soon?! We can hear a virtual meoww already! 



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