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You can now choose to let people see your favourite moments FOREVER!

Image via LifeHacker

Now, we all have those moments on our Insta stories that we wish we could highlight forever.

Perhaps it was our surprise birthday treat at the office, or the breathtaking views shot during our holidays, or it might be the boomerang shot that you took at the end of the school year.

Thanks to the new feature introduced by Instagram, the new Highlights section recently will allow us to relive and showcase our favourite moments FOR ETERNITY.  


The Highlights section which can be found at a newly-created section between our profile and our posts, will allow you to “keep our favourite stories on our profile”.

Which means the anxiety of having to lose our favourite moments after 24 hours can now be conveniently alleviated.

Apart from that, the new feature also lets us name and edit the cover photo of each collection of highlights so that our followers might know (or not know) what to expect from each highlights. 

Image via Bustle

In a bid to outdo Snapchat, its moments-based social platform rival, a pioneer to the stories feature, which they call “Snaps”, this new Instagram feature offers users the freedom to express themselves PERMANENTLY (if they choose to) with a more-candid and “in-the-moment” set of photos and videos instead of the usual orchestrated pictures and videos featured on your posts. 

Image via Mashable

After choosing a suitable name (it’s highly advisable that we pick a short one ‘coz it’ll be cut off if it’s too long) and a cover photo for each of our collection, you have to select all the moments that we want to include in our highlight from our archives.

Then, just click “Done” and “Add” to have the highlight appear as a circle our profile. 

Playing as a stand-alone story when someone taps the circle, the highlights will stay there until we decide to remove them. And no worries, there are so many moments to can relive.

Add as many highlights as you like, lah! 

Image via Engadget

But, the latest feature can only be explored once you’ve updated your Instagram or downloaded the latest version of the app! 

With more and more enhancements done to social media platforms like Instagram, what’s stopping you from expressing yourself? 


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