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You Might Want to Get Familiar with Your Samsung’s Emergency Mode

Anything could happen these days. That being said, we need to be ready for almost any kind of situations that could crop up. That’s why it’s good to have emergency measures set up.

Most Samsung phone users (like me) weren’t fully aware of this special Emergency Mode we have in our phones.

This function allows us to conserve our phone’s remaining battery percentage during an emergency. Our chosen contacts will also be sent a notice of our approximate location.

This will come in handy in cases such as kidnapping or getting lost in the woods while hiking, or just generally getting lost.

Your battery power will be saved in this situation as the mobile data and connectivity features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) will be automatically turned off.

There will be a restriction on the functionality of the whole device too whereby you can also make phone calls or text messages and certain other non-battery-draining features.

You will also notice your home screen will be turned into a simplified version, limited CPU usage and limited to S View covers.

To set an emergency contact, swipe up or down from a Home screen then Settings Settings icon > Privacy and emergency Privacy and emergency icon > Send SOS messages.

And to turn on the Emergency Mode, hold the power button until three options appear;

Select the Emergency Mode, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then turn on the function.

Make sure to set your emergency contact(s) first!

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