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It’s Valentines Day where couples are out and about, showing off their lovey dovey PDA. #Gross

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a sweet day filled with red roses, candle light dinners and smooches for all couples, but that doesn’t mean that single people cannot enjoy this special day too!

For those who are spending this day alone, here are a few KPOP songs to give you strength throughout the day.

1. Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man’

The title of the song says it all as it sends a message to all ladies out there that it is totally fine to be independent and not depend on a man.

Miss A highlights the importance of realising your own worth, purpose, and potential whether you’re in a relationship or not. So, to all independent ladies out there, remember what Miss A says, ‘I Don’t Need A Man’ for this Valentines Day!



2. Mamamoo – Yes I Am

Need some confident boost? Do not wish to conform to other people’s rules and regulations? No worries as Mamamoo’s ‘Yes I Am’ is the perfect song for you!

This song is all about loving and believing in yourself as everyone has different styles and colours!

So, in order to be the best of you, the first thing that you should do is to love yourself! “Yes I Am” different and unique in my own ways! 



3. G.NA – Supa Solo

Being single is not as bad as it seems, just like how G.NA sings in her song ‘Supa Solo’. This old school and upbeat song definitely brings out the whole new meaning of being single.

It’s all about appreciating, loving and just enjoy the beauty of single life.

For all who are celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, just have a listen to this song and you will definitely agree to the lyrics.



4. Jessi – Ssenunni

For those who are single and wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a swag way, Jessi will show you how.

This song is the best explanation of celebrating our own strength, beauty, and power. By singing along to “Ssenunni”, it’ll put you in a mood that no one and nothing will be able to bring you down from. 



5. 4minute – Crazy

The reason why some people are still are single is due to having too much fun. Hence, it will cause our partners to not understand and appreciate our craziness.

It is not harmful if we have a little fun, so for those who cannot handle our craziness and playfulness, just f**k off! Like what 4minute sang in their song, play as much as you want and just let loose.



6. G-Dragon – Crooked

For those who just went through a serious breakup, do not hide your feelings inside your heart. It’s okay to be sad and moody this Valentines Day. Just listen to G-Dragon’s “Crooked” and let out all your anger and sadness.

Be like G-Dragon, scream out all your sadness and anger, it will definitely makes you feel better.




7. Daesung – Wings

Going through breakups during a romantic season like Valentine’s Day sucks. But with Daesung’s “Wings”, it will turn your sadness into inspirations.

Hence, for people who just went through a breakup, just have a listen to “Wings” as it will definitely lift up your spirit too.

Just like how Daesung sang in his song, ‘Today it’s okay!”, we must tell ourselves that going through a breakup is just a small matter. Today and everyday will be okay for us.



8. Yoseob & Gayoon – What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover

I’m sure for all single people out there, there must be a secret fantasy of what our relationships should be like which we all hide inside our hearts.

The name of this song definitely says it all. “What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover” is the best song as it talks about all the sweet and cheeky things that all couples do when they are together. 



9. 2NE1 – I Am The Best

Since Valentine’s Day is the day to love, why not just show some love to ourselves?

2NE1’s “I Am The Best” is the iconic song for self love. For all who are single, it’s okay not to have a partner who love you now. The most important thing is you love yourself.



10. BTS – Fire

If being single is not bad enough, to constantly be bugged by people about our relationship status is the worst. Especially during festive seasons and also Valentine’s day.

But fear not as BTS’s “Fire” is here to save your day. This song talks about not letting what others say affect you, and just enjoy your life.



11. IU – Palette

We often hear people say that the basic understanding for love is self-love. Hence, before we pour our emotions unto others, we must learn to care for ourselves. Only then will we understand that love is not as simple as it seems.

IU’s Palette is a song that focus on self-awareness and appreciation too. Listening to this song during Valentine’s Day will inspire you though you may be celebrating this romantic season all alone. 



Valentines Day may be a special day for couples, but we the single people can also enjoy ourselves on this day. Just add these 11 songs into your playlist! It can definitely lighten up your mood on this year’s Valenines Day. 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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