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31-Year-Old Mum Decides to Study in Kindergarten for Daughter’s Sake

In many rural areas around the world, there still exists people who are still not educated due to poverty.

One such person is Shi Xiaoqin, 31, who unfortunately didn’t get the chance to go to school even at a kindergarten level. According to Nextshark, this has stopped her from possibly getting a better job with higher salary.

Source: Nextshark

The mother of two from Guizhou could not even secure good career opportunities outside of of her province.

Though many people would be embarrassed to join pre-school at such an age, Xiaoqin was very happy to join the kindergarten with her 5-year-old daughter.

Source: Nextshark

She told the local media,

“I don’t care what others think of me. Accompanying my daughter in class not only helps me to pick up new knowledge, but also allows me to better teach my daughter.

“Once I know how to read and write, I can help my daughter learn at home, and when she grows up, she will have the chance to get a good job.”

Source: Nextshark

Xiaoqin doesn’t let the age gap bother her either as she happily plays with all of her classmates.

Though classes are going great since she started in February, it is rather difficult for her to balance everything out. Right after school, she will do her chores, take care of her children and even her parents (in-law).

Source: Nextshark

As for her husband, he works in the construction sector far away from home.

Regardless, her teacher, Chi Mingxia, is proud of how far she’s coming along. The lady said,

“Shi Xiaoqin studies hard. She has grasped a lot about Mandarin’s pinyin and recognises many characters. She has set a good example for the other children at our school.”

Source: Nextshark

For some of us, even going back to university at 31-years-old may seem very daunting. However, we should never let age stop us from doing things that are right.

It is important for us all to be educated, so never fear learning for only a fool would say education is pointless. Let us all take Xiaoqin as an example to chase our dreams.

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