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6 Things To Do in Traffic To Stay Zen

It’s 6 o’clock on the Federal highway and you’ve been in this jam for a good 40 minutes. At this point, you’d give almost anything to be home, in your comfortable bed, pyjamas and just binge watching your show. Someone honks behind you and you transform you into a t-rex behind the wheel rolling down your window screaming in multiple languages fluently like a true Malaysian.

We know for a fact that we as Malaysians have all been there at one point or another living pretty much most of our mornings and evenings in our cars. But these long slow drives don’t always have to stressful.

1. Turn your car into your personal “car-aoke” box

There is just something about putting those speakers so high and singing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs that is just amazingly refreshing. Sure you look like a crazy person to the car next to you but who cares as long as you’re having a good time right?


2. Level up those brains with audio books

If you’re feeling a little intellectual or it’s just one of those days that singing doesn’t seem like it’s going to do it for you then its time to dig deep into those archives and find that audio book that you bought 10 years ago but never listened to.


3. Pull out those chill tunes and essential oils

Who says you cant turn your car into a full blow portable spa? Okay maybe the transportation laws but you can still do small things that will probably have the same effect.


4. If you have friends with you, play games

A good game of I Spy never  hurt anyone. If you want to up the stakes a little bit more then the person with the lowest score has to buy everyone dinner the next time round.

One that is always a hit is to play the voice over game where you look at other people and make up your own conversation imagining what they’re saying.


5. Have a deep conversation with yourself

It’s not absolutely insane (we think) and sometimes a good deep conversation with yourself would likely help you with getting to the bottom of those nasty issues. Maybe even plan for tomorrows lunch and dinner.

Maximising efficiency right?


6. Look out the window and enjoy the view

It’s always good to stop and smell the flowers. Not literally of course later lagi jam. But look out the window and enjoy what you can see outside.

Maybe the sky is being painted a nice colour or someone in the car next to you is having a deep conversation with themselves. Who knows what you’ll notice.


Now that you’ve got some fun things to do maybe your next jam wont be as painfully slow as you think.

Written by Loke J-Han

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