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Christmas is a special time for many people. Regardless of our beliefs, we all enjoy this merry holiday anyways. It is a time of gift-giving, family gatherings, and feasting.

Some of us may be enjoying the day in church while many others are traveling to somewhere nice.

Well, here are some things which we call all definitely relate to when it comes to the Christmas season.

1. The long weekend

Some of us may not be doing anything particularly festive during this holiday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good break. We get to catch up on our favourite TV shows or take this opportunity to go out and explore somewhere new.

Whatever it is, a break from our responsibilities is always refreshing.


2. The SALES

Everyone loves to shop but we need to save more money these days too. In lieu of the Christmas season as well as the end of the year, many retail outlets offer massive discounts and sales.

During this month, it is impossible to not spend any money at all.


3. Receiving gifts

Thanks to the western culture of gift-giving, we get to receive all sorts of goodies, especially those items which were a little too pricey for our own pockets.

Receiving those items which we have always wanted truly makes us feel so elated.


4. Giving gifts

As amazing as it is to be receiving gifts, giving those presents is actually more rewarding. To be able to bring joy to someone by merely purchasing an item they like is a gift of its own.


5. The pretty decorations

Christmas is all about pretty fairy lights and colourful baubles around fake fir trees. Over here in Malaysia, we don’t get to enjoy snow, so we add snowflake decors and fake snow too.

The best part is, every Malaysian shopping mall would add their very own themed decorations all around. Malaysians would make trips to various shopping malls just to check out the amazing designs.


6. The travels

Many people also take this opportunity to travel to somewhere else for a fun getaway. Whether it is a short staycation or a full-fledged tour of another country, we try to utilise the holiday to explore somewhere new.


7. Being with family and friends

Regardless of where we go, or what we do during this long weekend, the most important thing is the fact that we are spending it with our loved ones. For some of us who are far apart from our families, we at least get to spend the time with beloved friends as well.

For this holiday season, don’t feel too lonely just because you’re a bit far from home ok. They say home is where heart is, after all, so hopefully you won’t have feelings of forlorn.


8. Getting to put on winter-wear

Malaysia is freaking hot! There’s no doubt about it. Sometimes, as we step out of air-conditioned buildings, we start to sweat like crazy. Hence, it doesn’t make sense for us to wear such thick winter clothes at all.

The only time Malaysians find it acceptable to wear those bulky sweaters is around Christmas time. Because most Western countries are experiencing winter during Christmas, we have associated winter-wear with this holiday.

So, yes, you can proudly wear that wooly reindeer sweater and no one would judge!


These things aren’t what we typically get all year-round, which is why Christmas season is many people’s favourite. Which part of Christmas is your most treasured moment?

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