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A Fetish With An 11 Years Old Kid; Is Alice In Wonderland’s Author Lewis Caroll A Pedophile?

Pedophilia has always been a sensitive issue among us, ironically this issue has seemingly increased in Malaysia. Pedophilia is a chronic mental illness, a pedophile is a person who feel sexually attracted to kids, or by just looking at their pictures.

In a Facebook post, shared by a man name Nizam Bhrn he exposed the real story about Lewis Caroll, the author of  a famous children’s book Alice In Wonderland. Lewis is said to be a pedophile.

Is Lewis Caroll, A “Repressed” Pedophile?

Everyone knows the plot of Alice In Wonderland but do you guys know where does Lewis get his inspiration to write the famous book?  Lewis Caroll or (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) is a mathematician lecturer in Oxford, he also owns a photography studio. 

Lewis is said to get his inspiration from the Lidell family. The Lidell family has three  daughters Lorina, Edith and Alice who was at that time, aged 10 years old. Initially, it was Alice who really loved Alice In Wonderland and asked him to complete the story. 

Lewis’s Fetish And Obsession With An 11 Years Old Kid

Alice Lidell was just around 3 years old the first time she met Lewis Caroll. The author was obsessed with photography and had asked permission from the Lidell’s family to take pictures of their daughters.  After the death of Lewiss Caroll, people found a photo taken by Lewis that looks rather “scandalous”, it was a photo of Lorina without even a single piece of clothe, she was photographed fully naked. 

Lewis Caroll is a mysterious enigma. It is said that he had burnt all the diary entries written by him around the year of 1858 to 1862,  Lewis’ relationship with The Lidell’s was strained around that time , but no one really knew what actually happened that led to the “fallout”. Initially, Lidell’s family wanted Lewis to get married with Lorina but he only had his eyes on Alice, who was only 11 years old at that time. 

Lewis Caroll Never Got Married Till His Death

Eventually, Alice’s mom found out about Lewis’ dirty obsession and banned him from seeing her daughter. Despite what had happened, Lewis and Lidell’s family finally reconciled their relationship. 

Alice Lidell eventually got married to a Tennis player and Lewis remained a bachelor till the death of his life. 

Source: Nizam Bhrn

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