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AirAsia Employees KISS Luggage Bags as Sign of Apology to Passengers

Have you seen airline employees kissing luggage bags while delivering them into the plane cargo? 

AirAsia employees did exactly just that as a sign of apology after the viral incident where some employees were caught on tape throwing luggage bags in a rough way.

It’s no secret that many check-in luggage is manhandled and treated like a ball at airports around the world as most airline workers will throw the bags in a rough way. 

According to OhBulan, in order to settle the rough way of handling luggage bags, AirAsia’s CEO Tony Fernandes suggested all AirAsia handlers to look after the bags and asked the employees to ‘kiss the bags’. 

Image via SAYS

Some of them unfortunately took Tony’s words too literally and actually started kissing the luggage bags! That’s how the trendy #kissthebag started

Pictures of AirAsia bag handlers kissing some of the luggage bags surfaced on the internet. 

Image via OhBulan

Some of the funny comments from the netizens are:

“Handle with care”

“Did he brush his teeth?”

“His kiss seems odd.”

Image via OhBulan

Image via OhBulan

Furthermore, it turns out that one of the luggage bag that the staffs had kissed belongs to a pretty girl!

After the picture became viral on the internet, the owner of the bag commented to say it’s her bag. In reply to this revelation, a netizen said:

“Really? It’s a waste as the employees did not kiss many times onto it.”

Image via OhBulan

Then, one of the funny picture is where one of the staffs kissed a luggage bag with a rainbow strap. Because the rainbow flag represents the LGBT+ community, some funny comments were said by the netizens, such as:

“It’s a LGBT bag. Haha”

“A gay bag. Haha, don’t become effimate after kissed the bag.”

Image via OhBulan

Although the pictures of the staffs kissing the bags are hilarious, it’s a very thoughtful and considerate move by the airline company too as it will help gain confidence from the passengers.

Thank you Tony for starting this #kissthebags campaign!

For those who wish to watch the viral video where Tony Fernandes ask the employees to ‘kiss the bag’, watch it below:


AirAsia Rocks!  

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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