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Are You SURE You’re Really Cleaning The Sh*t Out of Your Toilets?

Did you know you could be cleaning your bathroom wrong? From using the wrong tools, to ignoring some key areas – which allows gunk and germs to build up – and worse, spreading germs all over instead of getting rid of them.

The bathroom is the place you go to clean up, to refresh. For some, it’s even the place to go for, erm, inspiration. So keeping this place clean is essential.

Here are some of the ways you could be doing it wrong, together with some tips to help you get the job done right, the next time.

1. Forgetting other parts of the toilet

Many people tend to just focus on the, well, toilet bowl. Not realising that when the bowl is flushed – especially when the lid is open – microscopic bacteria can shoot up as high as 25cm into the air and settle wherever they land.

At times, there are obvious signs of stray stool and pee getting attached to, say, the toilet lid. So make sure you clean every part of the toilet.

Having a handy helper like the WD-40®Multi-Use Product also works wonders in clearing up ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowl. Just spray it into and swish a few times with a nylon toilet brush, before flushing.

You can also spray it outside the bowl, leave it for a few minutes, and give it a good wipe afterwards with some soap and water.


2. Using paper towels

A lot of people tend to waste paper towels on cleaning and wiping dry surface areas in the toilet.

It is not only a waste of paper towels, it isn’t friendly on the environment. So make use of good cloths like either old cloths or better yet, a microfiber cloth that are made up of ultra-fine synthetic fibre.

It has a slight static charge that absorbs dust and dirt, and you can wash and reuse it too.If there are unsightly stains and stubborn gunk that just won’t be wiped away, you would find the WD-40®Multi-Use Product a good help too.


3. Only mopping the floor

Mopping only helps wet and displace the original dust and grime on the floor. The best is to run a vacuum over the floor first. If there are remnants of oily gunk left on the floor, try the WD-40®SpecialistTM Fast Acting Degreaser.

This water-based specialist solution is great for removing grease, oil, dirt and grime without leaving any residue. With a power foam that works immediately on contact, it is also easy to rinse away.


4. Using the wrong cleaning products

This is usually because some people tend to use only 1 cleaning product to clean the whole bathroom, because it’s just easier.

But it’s not as good for your bathroom, because separate areas tend to require specific cleaners.

For example, some metal products (like your taps) require some extra attention. Just a little spray of the WD-40®Multi-Use Product help to give it that shine and protect it from rust and corrosion.


5. Not cleaning the toilet brush

This is an obvious but often committed mistake that results in germs breeding in the bathroom, instead of being removed. This is simply because many people want to quickly finish cleaning the bathroom and, in their rush, tend to forget they also need to care for the equipment they use.

This results in the toilet brush being often neglected and just put back right into its holder after doing its job, even when it’s still wet, making it great for germs to breed.

So be sure to be simply lay it across the bowl to dry completely first. If it needs a good cleaning, just soak it in an antibacterial cleaner, rinse, and let it dry out again.


If you need more tips and tricks to clean your house and keep your equipment in good condition, check out You may be surprised by some of the things you can use WD-40®’s products for!

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