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Australian Uni Evacuates 500 Students and Staffs Because of Durian Smell

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or better known by its abbreviation, RMIT, recently went through a horrifying gas leak scare.

As a research institute filled with many different types of gasses, it is important to ensure the safety of everyone occupying the premises.

However, on April 28th, 2018, one of the most hilarious reasons for evacuation took place in the prestigious university; the smell of durian caused people to believe that it was a possible gas leak.

According to Says, the entire campus located in Melbourne, Australia had to be evacuated due to the fear of a gaseous leakage. Roughly 500 students and teachers had to be vacated.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at about 3pm fully equipped with necessary tools and breathing apparatuses.

A thorough investigation was carried out in search of the source of the alarming smell. Unfortunately, the entire crisis was just a ridiculous accident.

Apparently, someone had left a durian inside one of the cupboards in the building. Now, durians are known for its pungent smell but can you imagine how much stinkier rotting durian is?

It seems, the durian has been left there for a while until it turned bad.

The cupboard just could not contain the strong smell which leaked out of the storage space and into air-conditioning system which ultimately led to the entire building smelling like…sh*t.

The Environment Protection Authority took charge of removing and storage of the waste and RMIT was reopened by 6pm on the same day.

The durian, aka the King of Fruits, is definitely notorious for its acrid scent which has pushed many people away from consuming its delicious flesh. Not only is the fruit stinky, it will also cause anyone who eats it to have deathly breath and farts for the next couple of days.

Even public transportation systems and hotels have banned durians from being brought on board.

The next time you plan on eating durian, try to avoid bringing it to public places.




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