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Baby named “Google” received gift from Google

This bizarre story comes from an Indonesian couple, Andi Cahya Suputra (31) and Ella Karina (27) whom delightedly named their newborn “Google” on 30th November last year.

According to a local news portal Kumparan, the inspiration behind the name came as early as Ella’s 7th month of pregnancy. 


“I told (my) father that Google brings good meanings because Google has helped many people. Just like the search engine, I hope Google can be a good person later on”

— Andi Cahya Saputra, father of Google.

Despite the criticism and mockeries received, the couple still lives happily together and only accepts good comments and supports as prayers. Yes, the rights to name a child is entirely up to the parents so why should people, the netizens especially have to mock the family? RIDICULOUS!

And shockingly, according to Coconuts Jakarta, Google; the company not to be confused with the baby, had heard of this news and had sent a special gift for the family few weeks ago. Even though the family refused to reveal what’s inside the parcel, the couple report that Google themselves wished the baby’s bright future and wished to grow as a helpful person.

So what do you think? Would you name your child Google? If the name carries moral meanings, then why not right?

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