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Baskin Robbins’ heated ice cream ad campaign

Baskin Robbins latest ad campaign featuring an 11-years-old Korean-American actress and model, Ella Gross receives mixed reactions from the public. The 30-second ad campaign aimed at the audience for a new ice cream flavour “Pink Star” got criticized for objectifying and sexualizing the starlet.

Within a day, the ad campaign got heated debate from audience; some saying the commercial made them uncomfortable. Some concerned commenters pointed out Gross was put up with make up and sleeveless dress evidently making the minor model appear much older than she was, and the actions and expressions inserted gave off sexual implications.

Decorating a child like an adult woman makes real girls exposed to crime. This is obviously disgusting and you must take steps to delete this video.

⁠— 나는, 셰큐레 (@9ImSKR) June 28, 2019

However, there are commenters countered the critics by saying that people are being too oversensitive. Some added that the commercial was nothing but mere fun and joy, nothing to be disgusted about. A commenter on a reposting of the ad on YouTube said, “Idk (I don’t know) why people are criticizing BR for this cf…its definitely adorable.”

Since then, the ad campaign was taken down and Baskin Robbins apologized through a thorough explanation of the situation.

“The make-up she was wearing was at the general level applied to other child models, and the dress she was wearing was also from a children’s clothing brand she is currently working for as a model,” 

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