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BIGBANG’s Taeyang Shared Cheeky Celebration Instagram Post After He Got Discharged From Military Service

Congratulations and celebrations!

These two were finally back home and we couldn’t contain our emotions!

After what seemed like forever, both BIGBANG’s member Taeyang and Daesung finally and officially discharged from their mandatory military service, these two were discharged at the Ground Operations Command in the city of Yongin.

Thousands of fans gathered to celebrate their “freedom”, we welcome them home and showered them with love and support.

Taeyang couldn’t contain his happiness when he said,

“I still can’t believe that I’ve been discharged. My time [in the military] could be seen as both a short period of time or a long one, depending on how you look at it, but I think it was truly meaningful. I want to thank my fellow soldiers and my superior officers who spent 20 months leading me despite my shortcomings.”


Source: Soompi

Neither could he hide his feelings when he posted all these cheeky celebration video on his Instagram post. 

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A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

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A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

We bet, he couldn’t wait to partyyy all night long!!

Congratulations again to Daesung and Taeyang for competing their military service. Welcome home, guys!

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