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Book Your Tickets Now And Pay Later, This Airlines Company Introduces Maybank EzyPay

Firefly Airlines has introduced a new and reliable payment option for its customers, Maybank EzyPay, an interest-free installment plan. The addition of this plan is another fast and convenient way to book for flights and all other services expands the range of options available to Firefly customers.

Firefly is simply going further to make every step as easy as 123 for its customers with a various convenient payment options such as zero interest installment plan. Firefly Airlines jump in the bandwagon to expand its payment options to cater to the needs and preferences of a wide variety customers. The airlines company  stands tall by putting customers priority at the heart of everything it does, giving a much better customer experience and convenience, encouraging more people to fly even more frequently.

“This buy now, pay later possibility allows customers to splurge on themselves, or spend on others at no extra cost to the cardholder. Through the 0% Maybank installment plan, travelers can now book their travels to dream destinations they had once considered too costly to pay for in one lump sum,”

“Whether you want to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kuantan, bask at the stunning beaches of Langkawi, or explore the rich cultural heritage of Penang, you can now fly wherever you want and can pay later in easy monthly installment.,”

-Philip See, Chief Executive Officer of Firefly Airlines-

The plans are offered at 0% interest, allowing customers to make their bookings without having to worry about accumulated interest later down the road. Bookings with a minimum transaction of RM500 are eligible for the 6 month plan, amounting to a mere RM84 per month. The payment option is now available across Firefly’s platforms, desktop and mobile site. 

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