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[BREAKING] Samuel’s Father Found Killed with “Signs of Blunt Force Trauma”

Father of “Produce 101” contestant and K-pop star Samuel Kim has been reportedly murdered in Mexico.

As reported by an American station KGET, the 58-year-old car dealer Jose Arredondo was found stabbed in a home he owned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Being raised with 10 other siblings, Jose Arredondo was an honourable man whom had gained success from making money from washing cars back in the days into owning several car dealerships in Bakersfield, California.

Reports said Arredondo was found “laying on the floor with several wounds caused by a knife in the back” on Tuesday morning by a close friend of the family. At the moment, specific details about the murder have yet been disclosed to the public, but the local police are still looking for the suspects in the killing.

Brave Entertainment has stated, “we have seen the report. We have no method of verifying this currently.”

Funeral arrangements are reported to be currently being prepared. 

We send our deepest condolences to Samuel Kim and his family. May his father rest in peace.

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