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BTS’ V Reacted To A Fan Shipping Him With Jungkook #VKook

Weverse is a global fan community platform launched by beNX — entertainment company that’s subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment,  that allows fans to communicate with the company’s idols.

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And recently, V of BTS had updated onto Weverse expressing how he wished to sleep quicker whilst asked fans if they have any suggestions or tips to falling asleep quicker.

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Many fans showed concern and even more gave the idols suggstions, but one particular comment from a fan caught V’s attention.

One fan replied saying,

▲ I do! Oppa, you can look at pictures of Jungkook oppa whom he loves

Either the fan expected for a reply or not, the idol responded to the comment with,

▲ Come out of your imagination now, it’s not healthy there.

V’s remark receives major applause from other fans. Even though shipping (short for relationship) may be funny amongst fans, it may make the idols uncomfortable as they are real people and they have feelings.

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