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#CantixGiveaway Do You Know That Centella Asiatica Is Actually A Fancier Name For ‘Pegaga’?

Yup, you read it right!

The currently very raved about skin care ingredient Centella Asiatica is actually a plant that us Malaysians are so accustomed to! In fact, too accustomed that we didn’t even lay an eye on it!

▲ Centella Asiatica, a powerful skin care ingredient that is grown in tropical areas like Malaysia.

“Pegaga” or scientifically recognized  as Centella Asiatica is a very sought after skin care ingredient that is currently being used in a lot of skin care products. Grown on a temperate and tropical areas, this miraculous ingredient that Malays commonly eat as “ulam” benefits a lot in skin care.

▲ Centella Asiatica is known to help troubled skin like acne and scarring.

It contains many powerful anti-aging properties like amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals.

It improves skin elasticity and speeds up skin turnover rate which boost blood circulation and the synthesis of collagen as well as skin tissue.

It is packed with healing properties which help to cure skin problems; eczema, redness, scars, etc.

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Even though Centella Asiatica in skin care can help to improve skin’s condition at a dermal layer, incorporating them in our food is actually more effective in achieving a flawless and beautiful complexion.

Hence for this upcoming Christmas, Cantix is giving out Pegaga by PurelyB in a special #CantixGiveaway! 

To enter the giveaway, simply just follow these steps and voila you’re in!

Contest period is from 15th November until the 30th November 2019!

So be quick and you might stand a chance to win Pegaga by PurelyB from Cantix this Christmas!

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