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CEO of Government-Linked Company Arrested by MACC

A chief executive officer (CEO) with the title of ‘Datuk’ of a government-linked company (GLC) has been arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to assist in investigation into alleged misappropriation of a tender worth about RM300 million.

The 59-year-old suspect was nabbed at the GLC at about noon, here, today.

It was said that the misappropriation involved the awarding of several tenders for construction projects in Putrajaya.

A source said the suspect was believed to have engaged in abuse of power to manipulate the process of the construction projects currently underway.

“The project was awarded to a construction company via a tender process however due to several intentional issues, the contractor involved failed to execute (the project),” the source said.

The source added that initial investigation found that the situation may have been planned from the start as the replacement contractor was believed to have an interest, with regard to the suspect.

It was understood that MACC had conducted raids at three locations within the Klang Valley to obtain documents pertaining to the case.

Deputy Chief Commissioner (Operations) of the MACC Datuk Azam Baki when contacted, confirmed the arrest.

Source: NST

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