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China Implements “Chinese Card” For Chinese Born Outside of the Country

China is opening their arms to welcome all Ethnic Chinese that are residing outside of the mainland to “return home” by implementing a Chinese Card for overseas born Chinese including those from South East Asia.

According to the Merlions, China has decided to implement the new visa known as the Chinese Card for all Chinese who are living in overseas countries. The move is to encourage Chinese people to visit their mother country, invest in businesses there or even start up a family there.

South East Asia houses the largest amount of overseas born Chinese population, so China hopes to attract millions of people from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Mauritius and Vietnam to pay a visit.

China’s Ministry of Public Security explains the move of visa policies revision is to make the procedures easier for overseas Chinese to “return home” so that they can be in the country without being illegal due to visa restriction. 

For the new visa implementation, it is said to be effective since February 2018 and it encompasses ethnic Chinese living outside of China.


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There will be two new implementations which are; extension of new Chinese visa from one year to five years and period of residency is extended from three years to five years.

The director of the Ministry’s Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, Qu Yunhai, said:

“To participate in the country’s economic development and provide a more convenient and pragmatic environment.

“Such rules have played a positive role in serving China’s social and economic development and attracting talent with innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Recently, visa extension has been implemented in Shanghai and Guangdong province where demand for such visas runs high. So, the ministry will expand the practice nationwide.

The ministry also made changes on cross-border travel policies where Chinese people will be able to apply for visas anywhere within a province and photo services fee when will be made free.


There are also a few plans by the Chinese government, as they plan to build an Overseas Chinese Township between Meizhou City and Songkou to attract overseas Chinese migrate to this town.

Meizhou City has the same population as Georgetown but the district of Meizhou is four times larger than Singapore. So, there’s plenty of space to develop.

There will be private schools and an Asia Food Street in the historical Songkou River Town.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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