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“Dear Najib, Racial Politics is So Yesterday…”

Just recently, Datuk Seri Najib Razak wrote in a Facebook post lamenting that the Malays were being sidelined in their own country ever since UMNO lost power, NST reported.

He started his post by highlighting UMNO’s current state.

“UMNO members need to place the party at first priority in efforts to rebuild the strength of the party.

“We must also learn from our past mistakes, and strengthen our unity and love among UMNO members.

“We must also stop arguing and avoid from doing torturous things which can endanger the unity of UMNO if we want to restore the party’s strength and elevating religious, racial and national struggles.”

Thus far, it seemed like just any other one of his posts until he started using racial and religious statements which sparked the anger of his non-supporters.

He continued,

“The Malays cannot hope on Pakatan Harapan to defend and fight for the Malays’ fate. This is because the strength of the Malay party in Pakatan Harapan comes from the non-Malays.

“At this rate, Pakatan Harapan has allowed the violation of the Malay language, the Islam agenda and the Bumiputera too no longer gets top priority in their administration.

“I have always said that the Malays would suffer (terbangsat di negara sendiri) if UMNO lost its power.

“Now that UMNO has indeed lost power, there is nothing to do but for us to stay strong in facing this challenge from Allah.”

His conclusion also used the name of god in vain as he wrote,

“Insya-Allah, with stronger unity and love towards the party, UMNO can return the rakyat‘s faith, especially the Malays.”

Netizens were quick to react as some of the comments include,

“Racial politics is so yesterday, Najib. Enough already. The only one that has been diketepikan is you and your followers. Everyone else is fine.”


“Pakatan Harapan will continue to take care of the Malays far better than UMNO. Do realise that all races under Pakatan Harapan is much better.

“We, the voters, are not easily swallowed by your comments which intend to divide the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“We know how to differentiate between what’s good and bad, which is why we chose Pakatan Harapan.”

What do you guys think of Najib’s statement?

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