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Education Minister Announces Standard Black Shoes for All Students

According to Says, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik told the press on July 19th, 2018 that students will be wearing black shoes instead of white.

The rule will be implemented in 2019 much to parents’ joy. During a Q&A session by Sinar Harian, Maszlee admitted that this is a much needed change from the adult ladies.

“Mothers have requested for this – not the fathers.”

Most of us whom wore white shoes throughout our school years understand greatly the pains of keeping our white shoes spotless and beaming every week.

Because we typically wear the shoes for almost all activities around school – including sports and co-curricular activities – we end up treading dirt quite often which leads to greyish or brownish shoes by the end of the day.

However, as the weekend rolls over to a new week, school kids and more often-than-not, parents, must ensure that the shoes magically return to being sparkling white.

With the implementation of black shoes, this will no longer be a struggle the colour black is much easier to maintain.

Besides this little adjustment, Maszlee also has many plans in-store for the next five years such as ensuring lighter schoolbags, reducing the amount of years before teens start tertiary education, and more.

Watch the clip of Maszlee announcing the black school shoes here:

What do you guys think of these changes to come?

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