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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Into Resorts World Genting’s “Train To Busan” Horror House Experience

The season of Halloween is just around the corner, signifying the return of pumpkin carvings, spice latte and trick-or-treating. And whenever the festive season comes near, it is never complete without revisiting horror classics and spooking up your friends and families with the best Halloween costumes.

For this year’s sinister season, Resorts World Genting (RWG) is excited to bring you into the world’s first-ever “Train To Busan” Horror House starting on the 31st of October until the 1st of January 2020.

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At the rear side of such horror masterpiece, there had been serious brain-storming sessions and meticulous colloquies happening in making the unique and out-of the box Halloween experience.

Partnering with South Korea’s Content Panda — “Train To Busan” IP owner, the Horror House experience utilizes the latest in digital and virtual reality technology to produce a hair-raising experience. What is seen on the golden screens, the frantics of the zombie apocalypse are brought into an “almost real” life faithfully to the original film.

The “Train To Busan” Horror House experience is broken up into several parts; each offering unique scary experiences.

Starting with a ravaged train station that is centred on a wrecked train up to two Horror Houses set in retail shops in the ruined Daejeong Train Station and the abandoned train itself, you will not be alone! Hungry zombies will be roaming under the rubble, prepared to scare you into your worst nightmares.

Every different zone offers a different level of fun and scares, and each one will be fantastic in its own way.

The Horror House will be heightened with a cast of 50 actors and scare points operators, whom were meticulously selected for necessary physical attributes and acting skills. The detail going into the cast and costuming is immense; lead by an award-winning Malaysian artiste.

The makeup for individual actor takes up to 2 hours to complete, while the costumes have been styled specifically to be recognizable to fans of the movie.

“Train To Busan” Horror House took months to complete! Each aspect of the experience came with its own challenges and has been careful to accurately capture the atmosphere of the movie. The VR zombie shooting game takes things further by allowing you to take on the role of Korean army soldiers, defending the Busan quarantine zone from an army of ravenous zombies in the finale of the movie.

The “Train To Busan” Horror House experience will be accepting passengers from 31st of October 2019 to 1 January 2020. For ticketing details and opening schedules, read on the previous article.

Read this: A Never Seen Before Eerie Experience; Resorts World Genting Brings The Movie “Train To Busan” Into A Real Crazy Horror House!

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