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Fly FM Cancels Krappi Call!

The famous Fly FM ‘Krappi Call’ is official cancelled! 8 years ago, the ‘Krappi Call’ was very much anticipated by listeners and it was their company through their drive to school or work.

But the recent generation has spoken and they feel that the prank call is no longer relevant and the jokes are meaningless, and even getting meaner.

A well thought out plan must be done for the radio station to maintain its stand in the hearts of the listeners. Much consideration should be taken into account, especially the content of the segments.  

To overcome the situation, the radio station had decided to run a Twitter poll on Tuesday for the future of the ‘Krappi Call’.

The poll resulted into 80% out of 2,714 voted for ‘Bye Bye Krappi Call’. 

This shows that a majority of the listeners today disapprove the ‘Krappi Call’ as netizens said that the prank pulling was getting out of hand, and things were just nasty and not funny anymore. 

‘Krappi Call’ was hosted by deejays Hafiz, Guibo and RD and over the past few years have received negative criticisms where some pranks did not go as planned. 



Fly FM cares much about the listeners and on Wednesday 13th February, the radio station has announced the departure of the ‘Krappi Call’ as one of the segments.

There are also some suggestions for the replacement of the ‘Krappi Call’ given via Twitter from the listeners, maybe it’s about time to freshen up and do something else right? 

Another segment that is being aired now called ‘Teka Bersama Guibo’ is getting good reviews. 

Featuring the US-raised Guibo trying to describe an item to the listeners in Bahasa Malaysia as fluently as possible, and sometimes when he gets it the wrong he’s bound to be laughed at and his nationality is very much questioned by the others. 

The listeners would rather listen to ‘Teka Bersama Guibo’ than ‘Krappi Call’. 

Here are some of the tweet replies that responded to the poll earlier this Tuesday: 

May the hosts continue to bring their best for the listeners, and it’s not to late to wish Happy World Radio Day! Let’s hope for the radio industry to be evergreen! 

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Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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