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Forget Meatballs! Salted Egg Chicken Wings are Coming Through in IKEA Malaysia Starting Today!

IKEA is the place that oddly succeed in selling both food and furniture under the same roof. Truthfully, they are quite a peculiar combination, but apparently IKEA has done it flawlessly! 


Mainly concentrating on providing quality furniture and fab house goods for modern homeowners at a price point where you won’t have to pay through the nose, IKEA has also been a rendezvous for good eats!

Yes, if you are living under a rock, there are people out there (many of them actually) would stop by at IKEA just to get their tummy filled with delicious Swedish-inspired vivers and daily breads.

credit: IKEA Malaysia Instagram

Having had made a name for oneself through its renowned Swedish meatballs that are served with savoury gravy complimented with delicate lingonberries sauce, IKEA Malaysia is moving forward to further elevate its carte du jour game by targeting to tickle the millennials’ fancy through a new upgrade of its classic chicken wings.

Starting today, you can get a plate of its new Salted Egg Chicken Wings — the ever sexily-tanned piquant chicken wings drenched in delicious smooth salted egg sauce, at any IKEA Malaysia restaurants at only RM17.90!

This gem of a food was first brought out from its kitchen and introduced to the world on the 21st of October and will be available until December 21st or while stocks last.

IKEA Malaysia really knows what they are doing! Marrying Malaysians’ classic favourite with something fresh and new would definitely drive food lovers crazy, especially the youths! Salted egg recipes aren’t new in the Malaysian scene but highlighting them in such a big diner is certainly a genius idea!

And that’s not all! 

In the spirit of celebration for this coming Deepavali, IKEA Malaysia is bringing back its Tandoori Chicken Rice and Yam cake, selling at RM12.90 and RM6.90 respectively! They will only be available for a very limited time — October 28th.

credit: IKEA Malaysia

So waste time no more! Forget everything! Pause that Netflix, close your tv! Drive to your nearest IKEA now and grab yours before it’s too late!

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