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Forget ‘Werewolf’ and ‘UNO’, This Group Game Is So Simple Yet Pure Genius, It’ll Make You Think “Why Haven’t I Thought Of That Before?”

Get-together and hangouts are always fun, especially with some crazy and fun friends!

Aside from eating and the casual ‘tea spilling’ sesh, another way to make things even more enjoyable that it already is, is by playing games! No, not the games on your tablets or phones; I’m talking about group games like board games, cards or any sorts of it!


Malaysians, for example love ‘Werewolf’ and ‘UNO’. Literally whenever you and your bros (or sis) go out for a get-together, there would always be at least someone in the group that would bring a deck of ‘UNO’ cards. And whenever you guys are having sleepovers, definitely ‘Werewolf’ would be one of the must-do things in the itinerary. 

But, did you know that there’s actually another game that you can start playing?

This is literally one of the most precious finds we’ve come across to! And just like any other fun things we’ve found, it came from the wondrous world of Twitter!

We were occasionally scrolling through Twitter (for research purposes) and a tweet posted by @Joelxclusive with the caption “This will make sense during hangouts..” immediately caught our attention! Just like the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’, we clicked on it and what we found is literal genius!

Apparently, it’s a video of a family playing a game! On first look, it resembles ‘Twister’ but when we play the video, it’s definitely 100x better than Twister! Just take a look at this!

Literally mind-blowing right?

Whoever thought of creating the game is really the next Albert Einstein (don’t take our words for that). We were so impressed that we feel that this should be spread out to even more people!

Forget ‘Werewolf’! Play this instead! Let’s go!

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