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#JusticeForAudrey: Teenage Girl Brutally Bullied and Hospitalised by Other Teen Girls

Audrey, a 14 year old high school student from Pontianak, Indonesia, had found herself in an unlucky situation by becoming the victim of abuse by 12 high school students from Pontianak. 

Three of the twelve students were the dominant culprits, while the others were casually laughing along, enjoying the attack.

The incident happened when one of the mobs were fighting over a boy, who was Audrey’s cousin. The two were said to be involved in a romantic relationship but got caught up in a fight via Whatsapp.

Audrey and Relative. Source: @syarifahmelinda

To meet up with the boy, one of the bullies had used Audrey as a bait for him to come and meet her. When Audrey was called out from her grandmother’s house, the girl gang started smacking her head, kicking her stomach, and doused her with water simultaneously.

All the beatings caused a lot of nosebleed and left her with many scratches and bruises. One of the girls even stuck a finger inside Audrey’s private part as a means to make her lose her virginity!

That part of Audrey’s body was left very swollen due to the forcing trigger. 

In essence, Audrey had no idea what the perpetrators’ intentions were and she also did not know that one of the girls had a problem with her cousin. 

Audrey is now getting treatment for the serious physical and psychological injuries at a hospital in Pontianak, SMPN 17.

The attack allegedly took place on March 29. Ever since the incident, the girls have not shown any signs of guilt or remorse.

In fact, these girls behaved as though nothing happened and even took an Insta-story while they were at the police station. 

This incident has caused rage in netizens from all over the world. Support has been shown through the hashtag #JusticeForAudrey.

This became viral as netizens wanted the three perpetrators and the other nine who stood by laughing throughout the incident to receive appropriate punishment according to the age and applicable law in Indonesia.

Indonesian officials said, 

“We will continue to prosecute it to completion and even go to court and trial, and we want these children to be severely punished for causing severe physical and psychological pain to the victim.

“The news has been spread to Jakarta without any signs of settling down.”

This case has also raised a petition addressed to the authorities in Indonesia to immediately provide Justice for Audrey.

The petition published on was created by Fachira Anindy and has gotten more than 3 Million signatures as of press time. 

Sign the petition here, to help Audrey get her justice and to stop this sick behaviour of bullying and having grudges. 

Let’s make a change and stop all this nonsense once and for all! 

Source: Liputan 6

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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