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Got mouth ulcers? Try these 5 home remedies proven to relieve those painful sores FAST!

Imagine sitting down trying to chomp down on your favourite breakfast bun and suddenly being hit by the burning sensation the moment a small piece of the bun rubs against that white reddish inflamed ring in your mouth! Arghhh!

The painful scream might be because you got mouth ulcers sitting in the inner lining of your mouth. They are also commonly known as “canker sores”.

If you’re still wondering what they look like – they are normally white or yellow in the center, with a ring of red, inflamed soft tissue surrounding it.


Life begins to take a different flavour once you have one of these bad boys making a home in your mouth.

Lucky if you have only one painful sore pulsating, but if you have 3 to 5, you probably can’t eat, drink, talk properly without swallowing your saliva out of extreme pain.

Ah no! Can I end up in a hospital because of this?

Well, you can probably calm down because doctors and medical experts have confirmed that the sore is really no big deal! They’re just harmless indicators of your body’s hormonal imbalances. But, if it lasts more than 10 days, you might wanna rush to the nearby clinic and just ask what’s going on.


But wait, what causes them to pop out in the first place?

Your body is one complex system. Duh!

Sometimes, our hormones can get into a state of imbalance where there is either a lack of certain nutrients and can perhaps be caused by unnecessary high level of stress and anxiety. Breathe in and out!



This can then manifest through a popping out of the canker sore just to tell you – CALM THE HECK DOWN or DRINK MORE FLUID!

And apparently, there are some easy ways to treat these irritating abrasions, all using stuff that you can find within your kitchen cabinet too!

Here are 5 tips that that can help relieve you of the pain FAST:


1.Rinse your mouth with SALTY SOLUTION (saltwater/ baking soda infused water)


The deal here with salt is that it is first and foremost, antibacterial.  So, rinsing your mouth with a saline (salty) solution is supposed to kill off all the germs and bacteria, keeping your mouth clean, thus speed up the healing process.

You can either choose to rinse your mouth with a solution infused with salt or baking soda (yes, that stuff you use to make bread!).

Do this as many times as needed throughout the day – after brushing your teeth and before sleep.


2.Apply HONEY on the ulcer!


There’s a reason why this clear golden elixir appears in every health manual and home remedies site. And that’s because apart from antibacterial and it also has a soothing property or in another word, anti-inflammatory.

Dab honey (preferably pure organic honey) on the lesions as many times as you need throughout the day. It will help soothe the pain and get rid of any bacteria, preventing more canker sores for the future!

Ain’t nature just the loveliest thing in life?!


3.Pat the ulcer with ALOE VERA


You can bet on the soothing goodness of aloe vera jelly to help you heal your canker sores fast!

Packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera jelly has been known to soothe any burning sensation whether it’s your sunburnt body, a cut and also, in this case, an ulcer.

Just dab a bit of aloe vera jelly on the affected area as many times as you feel like it and relish the cooling sensation! Oh yeah!


4. Eat ICE CREAM & suck on ICE CUBES



 We bet this will be the only tip you’ll enjoy throughout the article! LOL! 

Relish on scoops of creamy or sorbet heavenliness to numb and soothe those irritated rings of agony.

Oh yes!

But, just be cautious that excessive sugar content in the ice cream scoops can also cause bacteria to breed happily.

So, perhaps, you can alternate that with sucking on ice cubes. The whole idea is to numb the pain and reduce the swelling, so if it means gargling on cold water, go for it baby!





By now, you must be familiar with the basic formula for the canker sore treatment – banish all of the bacteria! That’s right!

And what better medicated way than rinsing your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash!

Why alcohol free? Simple. Alcohol tends to irritate further an inflammation. So, you would do best to avoid anything that contains alcohol at this point.

Rinse your mouth twice a day, after brushing your teeth in the morning and at night before sleeping to kill the bacteria which can cause further irritation to your inflammation!

But, in most cases, canker sores usually pop out due to stress and a heated body. So, seriously just take it easy and make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day guys!


Good luck and may you get better folks! 



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