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Helping the Needs with “Suspended Meals”

Malaysia is now starting to become a new hub for the latest alternative in helping the needs. The movement that has already grown in other countries like Pakistan, Singapore, Australia and United Arab Emirates called “Suspended Meals” is beginning to spread its wings in certain cities in Malaysia.

“Suspended Meals” is a movement that is formed in creating awareness for the unfortunates. It is undeniable that even though Malaysia is a developing country, the living economics for the people is quite high; especially in the recent years. Hence, there are many unfortunate families and individuals that are forced to juggle multiple jobs at once just to put food on the table for their family.

Parcel package delivery at day, food delivery at night

Almost all Malaysians must have heard of this heartbreaking story. To combat such tragedy from happening to many more out there, Malaysian’s new youths are opting to join the “Suspended Meals” movements to provide free foods to those who needs.

How does this works?

It differs from businesses to businesses but the main idea is to pay for an extra serving of dish so that those who needs it afterwards can retrieve the meals and enjoy them for free.

A particular business runs by Khairunisah Khasim, 38, has started this programme back in 2016 under the name “Projek Kongsi Rezeki Suspended Meal” or translated as “Sharing Sustenance Suspended Meal Project”. Khairunisah believes by giving it will lead to receiving and it showed when her business which was stagnant at one point started to grow more right after she started the programme.

Khairunisa never wanted fame or recognition, instead she just want to help others. Her business in Bayan Lepas, Penang is a well-known spot for suspended meals programme. As additional initiative, she also runs a programme “Mutiara Prihatin” or translated as “Concerned Pearl” at the same time in her local business which offers 15 RM6-worth food vouchers so that she could extend the help to many more others. RESPECT!

This movement started to raise awareness amongst the tech savvy youths when a Tweet from @RaeZalani receive thousands of retweets and likes.

If you are interested in giving and helping the needs in your area, check this Tweet thread and look for the nearest place you can do so. If there’s none, maybe you can start your own today? Let’s make us a better community and hopefully this would somehow resolve a bit of the nation’s poverty crisis.

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