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Hilary Duff Is Officially Off The Market, Take A Look At Her Super Intimate Wedding

It’s a wedsy bellsy day for Hillary and Matthew! 

First, we feel kinda guilty we missed out the teas cause we literally have no idea that our favourite girl, Lizzy Mc Guire (Hillary Duff) was in relationship with Matthew Kome.

Source : Hilary Duff Instagram

*They do look cute together!*

We learned that these two have been together for two years and recently got engaged in May this year. 

What! Since when?

Apparently, Hillary and Matthew tied the knot in a super private and intimate ceremony, with only family and close friends in attendance. 

According to sources, the ceremony only took 20 minutes, as the newlyweds walked down the aisle, at their house.  The lovey dovey couple held their wedding toast in a white tent, in the backyard.

Source: Hilary Duff Instagram

We even heard that the wedding ceremony filled with classic vibes as the DJ play songs like “Somewhere Beyond The Sea” “Blue Velvet”. 

Hilary took to her Instagram to show their first wedding photo, check out :

Source: Hilary Duff Instagram

This is Hilary’s second marriage, she was previously married to Mike Comrie before they got divorced in 2016. 

Hilary and Matthew share one year old daughter named Banks Violet Blair.

Awwww, it’s never too late for you to have your forever happy ending! 

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