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How Many Eggs Can I Eat In A Day? Will Eating Two Gives Me Cholesterol?

You can say that almost every Malaysian dish out there have at least something to do with eggs. Whether it be during the mornings in your nasi lemak or blended together in your nasi goreng during dinner, a typical Malaysian would roughly eat at least a serving of egg per day.

But the question is, how much eggs can we actually eat in a day?

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Let’s think of it! Eggs are good source of protein and if we have learnt science right during our secondary school, protein makes up good bones. So eating eggs shouldn’t be a problem right?

The healthy number for eggs intake for an average person in a day is 1 to 3 servings.

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If we want to get factual, a medium-sized egg contains 186mg of cholesterol — makes up 62% of the recommended daily intake. Even though a result from a research shows extra intake of eggs does not affect the samples’ cholesterol level in a vital manner, but 30% of them whom are hyper-respondents show bad cholesterol behaviour.

So how much should we eat actually?

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Eating an egg a day will not concern you of heart diseases such as coronary and stroke, but similarly like other categories of food, eggs must too be consumed in consideration. 

Even though egg whites are known for its high protein volume and low in cholesterol, the yolks on the other side is the opposite! Yolks are high in cholesterol, making it potentially concerning to those who are prone to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

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An egg or two typically won’t do such harm but doctor’s consultation is the best precaution. Seek for an expert’s advice.

If you’ve already had a nice boiled egg during the morning, try to opt for other types of protein on the next meals. Just to make sure you are consuming all sorts of nutrients.

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