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“I Didn’t Know What It Was, So I Had To Google It Up”, A Delivery Man Was Sending Out Packages But Was Given A Sunscreen Instead

Sometimes the best things come unexpected.

Maybe this quote can be used by this particular delivery man. 

A Twitter user by the username @faizal8704 just made history by proving that humanity still exist in of society. His recent Tweet on December 15th 2019, blew up on the Internet as he was allegedly gifted a sunscreen while he was delivering packages.

The tweet is translated as:

“Unexpected, was delivering packages but a customer gave me a sunscreen. I’ve literally been Googling what this item is since a while ago, wondering what it is exactly that the customer gave. Turns out it’s to protect my skin from the sun. Can’t believe that there are people out there who’s concern for my skin. Well you know, a rider, so used to the sun.”

Despite only being posted less than 48 hours, it has garnered over 17k retweets and 28k likes!

This is definitely a rare scene in this modern era where people are too occupied to achieve things for themselves that they have forgotten to give hands to others.

Other Twitter users that are impressed by the tweet replied with heart warming comments like “that is so kind of them”, “the person who give it is so cute” and etc.

Upon going through the tweet thread, it was revealed that an organization @solusiMY was the one who gave the sunscreen to the lucky man.

Well, this proves that there are still hope in our society!

Even though we’ve often heard of many disgusting and horrifying stories about immoral individual, we tend to forget and overlook on these kinds of news.

So, let’s spread positivity and keep away negativity.

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