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Instagram Says “No No” to Cosmetic Surgery Filters!

Today, it was announced that Instagram has taken the brave and respectable initiative to remove all augmented reality (AR) filters that depict or promote cosmetic surgery.

Allegedly, Instagram claimed that such filters concerned to harm people’s mental health.

The said filter when used altered the user’s face with effects that make people look like they have had lip injections, fillers or a facelift. It allegedly suggests that the face-changing filters can potentially make people feel worse about the way they look.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said the ban was about promoting health and well-beings.

“We’re evaluating our policies — we want our filters to be a positive experience for people. While we’re re-evaluating our policies, we will remove all effects from the gallery associated with plastic surgery, stop further approval of new effects like this and remove current effects if they’re reported to us”

Many popular filters — such as Plastica — mimicked the effects of extreme cosmetic surgery.

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fix me filter just out – come live your plastic surgery fantasy

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Instagram claimed that it was unsure how long it would that to remove all traces of such filters but many users surprisingly welcomed the ban.


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