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Is HERSHEY’S a Korean Pop Music Fan?

Being a fan of KPOP previously has always been seen as ‘that teenage phase every girl will go through’.

Nowadays, however, this genre has become such a norm that even massive companies are incorporating KPOP into their products!

World famous brand, HERSHEY’S is most likely a KPOP fan too and the reason for this statement is how they’ve added Korean song titles onto the packaging of their chocolate bars.

According to Koreaboo, HERSHEY’S is said to has launched chocolate bars with KPOP songs’ titles on it.

A Twitter post from the Philippines has gone viral after the picture showed three bars of HERSHEY’S Cookies’n’Creme with some familiar and catchy messages on the chocolate bars such as XOXO, Love Yourself and Be Mine.

Image via Twitter

These messages must sound familiar to KPOP fans because they are actually song titles by three popular boy groups; EXO, BTS and Infinite!

Though Love Yourself isn’t exactly the title of a song and is actually the name of BTS’s album, it was most likely selected thanks to its beautiful message.

Image via Pinterest

Okay, so there isn’t any official confirmation from both HERSHEY’S and the three KPOP groups. But everyone’s hoping that HERSHEY’S really did add those phrases in after being inspired by Korean pop music.

It could also be a complete coincidence but KPOP fans are totally buying into the song titles idea.

Written  by: Chan Suet Yee

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