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“It Would Be an Honour to Represent Malaysia on the World Stage…”

Mohd Amran Abdul Ghani was born in Kg Tok Burung, Bachok, Kelantan. He is an active athlete for the Selangor Fire Fighter Departments. He is currently working at the Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysia at Bukit Jelutong, Selangor since 2001.

Adhering to the Fire and Rescue ethics, and working with a dedicated, efficient and disciplined team, he is determined to his best for his department, in order to be successful and well known throughout Malaysia, and worldwide.

“My status as a full-time fireman is not an obstacle for me.

“I am very lucky that that the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, especially my department is very supportive and always cheering for me whenever I compete in any triathlon event especially an event like Ironman.

“For me, the biggest challenge is to be mentally and physically prepared as well as strengthening my inner strength, especially during the long hours. I hope that everything goes well during the championship.”

Mohd Amran’s best achievement so far was when he was crowned as the Best Malaysian 2014 and 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya, and Best Malaysian at 214 and 2016 IRONMAN Malaysia.

IRONMAN is an internationally recognised triathlon that consists of 3.8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42km running. During his first attempt at full IRONMAN in 2014, he was very proud of his achievement because he was able to complete the race in 10 hours and 15 minutes.

“I was a runner previously but it didn’t give me the satisfaction and mental and physical strength that I was looking for.

“That’s when I decided to join triathlon as triathlon gives me the adrenaline feeling that I was looking for.”

Moreover, he managed to accomplish this while working full time and training part-time, proving his ability to push past his limits and strive for further achievements.

One of his dream is to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, USA.

“It would be an honour to represent Malaysia on the world stage, and to race alongside great IRONMAN athletes.”

He is lucky to have amazing and strong support system from his family and workplace. He believes that all the time spent with his family and career is the key to his success over the years.

“Of course, my main inspiration is my beloved family. They have always been there for me since I first started triathlon. They are my motivation in giving me the drive to do my best in every triathlon that I have participated.

“I am very thankful for my family especially to my wife who understands my passion as an athlete.”

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