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It’s Tomorrow! Limited Edition Hello Kitty Holder Is Here At McDonald’s Malaysia!

Calling all Hello Kitty fans!

Last week, McDonalds announced that they will be bringing back their iconic classic toys in their Happy Meals in celebration of Happy Meals’ 40th anniversary. For the throwback party, iconic toys with the likes of Furby, Hello Kitty, Tamagochi and many more will be making their reappearance in Malaysia’s Happy Meals starting on the 28th of November.

Read this: McDonald’s Making A Throwback To The 90’s, Bringing Back Iconic Toys In Its Happy Meals

And this wonderful news is further excited for when McDonald’s Malaysia announced that tomorrow — 27th November, they will be introducing the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Holders for the first time in this country!

Starting on 10am onward, the previously exclusive launch in McDonald’s Singapore is ready to be grabbed by Malaysian Hello Kitty enthusiasts. 

▲ The carrier will be available at RM29.90 with any purchase of extra value meal, or double feast.

And what makes this release even more exclusive is that each customer will only be limited to two carriers per transaction.

So if you’re a collector or just eager to get yourself a cute holder, then this is something that you don’t want to miss! Even if you’re not, just spread the words around and for sure there will be people out there thanking you for it.

Guess who’s coming to McDonald’s Malaysia? 10:00AM, 27 November 2019! Save the date!

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