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Jaclyn Hill’s New Holiday Collection Accused of “Copying” Fenty Beauty

Why does we feel like whenever Jaclyn Hill’s releasing another launch of her own cosmetic line, there’s always a drama following soon after?

Ever since her wild lipstick controversy few months back, The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetic Holiday Collection is her first release ever since.

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The YouTuber eagerly revealed her new hard work collection in a 33-minute YouTube video titled “JACLYN COSMETICS HOLIDAY COLLECTION REVEAL!” posted on November 14th. The new holiday collection includes three difference formulas of highlighter and three different brushes — and she promises this one will be hair-free.

In the video, Jaclyn revealed to have left “humiliated” after her cosmetic line’s debut launch but she is thankful for what had happened as she has learned so much from it.

I was so confident in my first launch that I was cocky and I definitely took the time to step back and see where all the errors and mistakes were made, and I was able to correct those.

— Jaclyn

However, this is where the drama starts! As soon as Jaclyn revealed the PR package of the holiday collection, fans can’t help but to notice how much the packaging looks so similar to Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder.

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And through the power of Internet, Twitter was flooded with comments accusing Jaclyn of “ripping off” Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. 

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