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Japanese Scientists Find ‘Young Girls’ Scent’ and Plans to Make Perfume From It

The Japanese can get pretty quirky with their researches sometimes but their findings are very interesting. Thanks to their curious minds and high intelligence, they’ve found and created many futuristic things such a 3D food printer.

Newly, one of the most recent research done by the scientists from Rohto Pharmaceutical has shown that a certain smell makes women 74% more attractive, Next Shark reported.

Apparently, younger women tend to produce these two particular chemical compounds more than elder women which many would know it as the ‘young girl’s scent’.

As creepy as that may sound, the research has proven that there is a difference after all.

The study involved 500 women who range from teenage girls to ladies in their 50s. Right after showering, they are to wear the same clothes for 24 hours.

The researchers then blindfolded themselves and smelt the clothes only to find that the elder ladies’ clothes gave off a ‘slightly sour sweaty’ smell.

Meanwhile, they commented on the younger participants clothes,

“We were surprised by a sweet aroma wafting up from (the younger women’s clothes).”

Apparently, the sweeter smell is caused by higher amounts of Lactone C10 and C11. Fruits which have these compounds are peaches and coconuts.

The scientists found a significant drop of this pleasant smell in females at the age of 35 and older.

Additionally, the scientists were also tested on their perception of a woman when they were exposed to this scent and when they were not. The results show a significance in those who were exposed to the scent.

The researchers found that women with this scent are 15% more feminine, 47% more youthful, and 74% more attractive.

Now, Rohto plans on adding the Lactone C10 and C11 into their body soaps and other grooming or wellness products.

Would you buy a shower gel with this special scent?

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