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Jeddah’s ELFs Welcomed Super Junior with Gold, Cash and Saudi Oil?

K-pop stans once again prove they’re on another level when it comes to their infatuation for their favourite idols.

We’ve all heard that K-pop idols would receive all sorts of unique gifts and some of them might be a bit peculiar. Starting from the $10,000 worth of watch, a literal gold bar and up to naming a literal star in the universe as them, they are all a symbol of appreciation to the idols that these fans adored so much.

However, compared to those, none has done it like the Jeddah’s ELFs!

Super Junior, one of the biggest and longest-running K-pop groups in history recently held a concert on the 12th and 13th of July in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Super Junior is the first ever single K-pop act to perform in the country. Their “Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 7S'” made the local ELFs (the fandom name for Super Junior) beyond thrilled for the concert.

So proud of the success of the group, Jeddah’s ELFs had prepared the most outrageous and unimaginable gifts ever for their favourite oppas.

Concert advertisement on the world’s biggest LED screen.

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According to China Press, Jeddah’s ELFs had bought an advertisement on the world’s biggest LED screen to display the ads for the group’s concert. Measuring close to 10,000 sq metres, it is definitely one of the most epic concert advertisements ever in the history of K-pop at least. Crazy!

Gold and Rolex watches.

Not only that, Lee Teuk and Hee Chul, the members of the group have also received and exclusive personalized brooch pin made out of pure GOLD! Yes, GOLD! Imagine how expensive that is! And that’s not it! Fans have also gifted the idols Rolex watches as celebration of their birthdays in this month.

Bracelets made out of volcano rocks and Saudi oil.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weider, Jeddah’s ELFs hit you with (that ddu-du-ddu-du-ddu) another out-of-the-box gift! Literally, a bracelet that was made out of volcano rocks attached with a mini gold barrel charm containing oil from Saudi’s land is by far the most extreme a fan could ever give to the idols.

And last but not least…

Cash flowers!

Yup, the dream of every person out there. MONEY!

A Saudi fan gifted the idols with what claimed to be a “simple gift”, which is a bouquet of flowers wrapped in literal money. Now, that’s what we call dreams come true!

All these gifts may seem to be extreme, and some would say K-pop fans may be a bit too fanatic. But, if this is how they would show their appreciation to their idols, then who are we to judge them right? Maybe these idols might have been a major role in helping them grow and it is not a sin to appreciate those who have helped you.

But, this does not mean you HAVE TO HAVE expensive gifts for your idols. If you want to give them gifts, just gift what’s you’re sincere of. In fact, sincerity is the most expensive gift one could ever give.


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