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KLIA2 Implements Self Baggage Drop To Ease Drop Off Time

Attention to all wanderlusts, KLIA2 has implemented a new facility for us all!

Travellers who will be departing from KLIA2 will be able to use the newly-installed Self-Bag Drop (SBD) facility beginning March 15th!

Now, all passengers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s (KLIA) second terminal, KLIA2, will have a comfortable and seamless check in.

During peak season, there was always extremely long queues at the airport. So, with this new facility, passengers can save up lots of time.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad made an official announcement in a Facebook post which said:

“Beginning 15 March 2018, you can breeze through the check-in process faster at the SBD counters that will allow you to tag and drop off your bags within 30 seconds.”

According to Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad, they explained that the SBD facility at KLIA2 features the Scan&Fly system by SITA which is one of the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. 

Image via SAYS

MAHB Managing Director Datuk Badlisham Ghazali explains with this new facility, baggage drop queue time could be cut to half and it will definitely save lots of time for the passengers.

He also said:

“Baggage drop queue time is only at one minute per passenger with this system. Previously, a passenger would need to wait about 2.5 minutes.”

If you will be travelling soon, and wishes to utilise this facility, you can follow the following steps:

1. Check-in and print your boarding pass and bag tag at the kiosk provided.

2. Attach the bag tag accordingly, then proceed to the assigned self-baggage drop check-in counter.

3. Place your bag on the belt.

4. Scan your boarding pass with the hand scanner.

5. Verify that no prohibited items are carried.

6. Scan your bag tag with the hand scanner.

For more information on this new facility from Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad, you can watch their official guide to self baggage drop at the below or check out Air Asia’s Facebook page


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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